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JSG Difference

Choosing a professional insurance Agent/Broker can be difficult. There are more Agents/Brokers than Starbucks and 7-Elevens combined. Most have professional websites, are willing to quote you, and work with multiple insurance companies. How do you know who to choose? What makes one better than the other? Does it really matter?

The answer to the last question is YES. It does matter. You want an Agent/Broker you can trust, who will provide professional advice, and who will do what is in your best interest. While this makes sense, how do you know which Agent/Broker meets these criteria? We believe by offering value and the following services even before you start working with us demonstrates our commitment to live up to our Company Mission and Core Values.

Complimentary Reviews of your Current Policies – No Obligation

We offer complimentary insurance reviews (see sample). This is our commitment to “Evaluating” people’s current coverage versus their potential needs. If you are interested in an Auto, Home, Earthquake, Umbrella, Rental Property insurance review, please provide us with the requested information. We also offer reviews of Business policies. Request a Business Insurance review. As mentioned above, we will not sell your e-mail or add you to our mailing list.

Ask us an Insurance Question – No Obligation

We offer the opportunity to ask any insurance question you want without any obligation.  Ask any insurance question and we will respond within two business days. We will not sell your e-mail nor will we add you to our mailing list unless you specifically request it. This is part of our Mission to “Educate” people on how insurance works.

Side-by-Side Insurance Coverage Reviews and Proposals Versus just a Quote

We offer side-by-side comparison proposals (see sample). Most Agents/Brokers will provide you a quote and then leave it up to you to figure out if it is better than what you currently have. Unfortunately, insurance policies offer different levels of coverages, different endorsements, and policy provisions which may not be easily understood. While the new quote you received might be lower than what you are paying, wouldn’t it be more valuable to see the coverage differences side-by-side along with an explanation of what the differences mean and why they are important? This reflects our commitment to “Explain” concepts so that people are better informed and can make better choices.

We offer the above before you become a client. However, the differences do not stop there. Our goal is to develop long-term trusted relationships with our clients. We understand that takes time and are committed to the following:

We Encourage Clients’ Questions

Things change and as a result your insurance may need to be adjusted. We encourage you to share changes with us and ask how your insurance may be impacted. Even if you are thinking about making a change, ask us so we can advise you about any impact on your insurance. We will work with you to make sure that any questions you have are answered so that you can make informed choices. We encourage questions as it provides an opportunity to be of service.

Friendly Reminders

We all get busy and sometimes a bill gets missed, an envelope gets misplaced, or accidentally tossed away. This happens to all of us. In many cases, we can see that the bill has not been paid and will send a friendly e-mail reminder or make a quick phone call to ensure that you are aware that there is an issue. To the best of our ability, we send these reminders and make these calls to provide you with enough time to address the situation. We just want to be sure that nothing happens to your policy without your knowledge. We also send reminders upon your request. For example, if you are planning to remodel your home in 3 months. If you let us know, we will set a reminder to follow-up with you and go over the changes you made to ensure you remain properly covered.

Support Through the Claims Process

You have insurance in case something bad happens and that is when you need us most. If possible, we always encourage our clients to call us if they have a claim and go over it with us first. This gives us an opportunity to explain the process, the coverages they have, and the potential impact on the policy. We will call in the claim on our client’s behalf to save them from waiting on hold and figuring their way through all the phone options. We also follow-up to ensure the process is going smoothly and to answer any questions they have. As needed, we also reach out to the adjuster to make sure they are being responsive to our client needs and ensure the coverage is properly applied.

We Provide Professional Advice even if You do Not Become a Client

We recognize that sometimes we are unable to offer a better solution with our insurance companies. In those circumstances, we don’t try to “sell” you something, rather we look for opportunities to help make your existing insurance coverages better. We are committed to helping people with their insurance, even if we are not the Agency/Broker to write it. The following testimonials is one of our favorites.

Our Clients Say It Best

“I would highly recommend seeking Jon’s guidance when it comes to making any kind of insurance decision. I found Jon to be highly credible and was impressed with Jon’s extensive knowledge and experience as well as his commitment to really educate me on maximizing my options for coverage. I was even more impressed by Jon‘s trustworthiness, when after thoroughly assessing my current policies, he recommended I not do business with him, keep them in place BUT went above and beyond by telling me how I can communicate changes that would enhance my coverage to my current agent. Wow! Thank you Jon and the JSG Insurance team!!! I wish every business owner engaged their clients and prospective clients the way you engaged me.” — Lisa R