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Doubling Your Auto Coverage Without Doubling Your Premium

Nov 1, 2021

Doubling Your Auto Coverage Without Doubling Your Premium

Saying people don’t like paying for Auto insurance is an understatement.  However, with a little knowledge you can help ensure that your premiums will provide you with the best coverage.  Major areas of your Auto policy include:  Liability, Uninsured Motorist, Comprehensive and Collision. The focus of this article is Liability coverage.


Liability is the coverage that pays for losses that you cause to someone else. These losses can be injuries you caused to others resulting from an at-fault accident, and/or damage to another person’s vehicle(s) or other property. Injuries can be severe and the related costs substantial. Your responsibilities include paying medical bills for the injured, potential lost wages, plus compensation for pain and suffering. In California, if you do not have enough insurance to pay the loss, the injured party can secure a judgment against you and come after your personal assets and income until the judgment is satisfied. 

In a perfect world, everyone would carry more coverage.   However, due to budgetary restraints, choices are made.   Your coverage choices should be based on your potential exposure to loss.  For example, which loss below would have the greatest financial impact on you?

Causing an accident that seriously injured someone

An extra $500 to have your car repaired after an accident

The answer is seriously injuring someone else.  However, when buying insurance, most people tend select lower Liability limits (less protection) and select lower deductibles (better coverage) for their own vehicle.  However, if you caused an accident with serious injuries, low Liability limits will not be sufficient.  Once the policy limits have been paid, you would be personally responsible for any remaining liability.  Your assets and future incomes will be exposed until your responsibility was fulfilled.  We have a model to help you determine how much Liability coverage you should have.   

The real secret is that additional Liability coverage does not cost much.   In many situations, doubling your Liability coverage costs only a few dollars per month.  To help offset the additional premium, you may consider increasing your Comprehensive and Collision deductibles.   We can evaluate your options and recommend what will be best for you.