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Business & Commercial Insurance

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Business & Commercial Insurance Information

General Liability

Whether you operate a business that provides services, produces or sells products, liability coverage can help protect your business if a claim is made against you.  Whether or not you are deemed responsible, liability coverage can help by paying the legal costs to defend against the claim.  If you are held responsible, the liability coverage can pay the claim.  While there are limitations to this coverage, it is one of the most important coverages a business should have. 

Professional Liability

Some businesses provide professional services where an extra layer of liability insurance may be required.  This is called professional liability insurance (or sometimes Errors and Omissions).  Examples include real estate agents, insurance agents, attorneys, architects, various consultants, and many other professionals.   

Property Insurance

If your business owns a building, maintains inventory, made tenant improvements on a leased building, or owns business equipment or furniture, property coverage is another coverage that you should consider.  Property coverage can help pay the cost if the property is damaged or destroyed by fire, smoke, water, theft and many other types of losses.  Beyond covering these items, property coverage can also provide loss of business income if a covered loss prevents the business from generating revenue.

Workers Compensation

For businesses with employees, workers compensation insurance is required by the state.  This mandatory coverage pays for losses when employees are injured while performing job duties.   Workers compensation pays the medical expenses incurred to provide the employee with medical treatment for their injury as well as paying the employee for any lost wages.

Commercial Auto

For businesses that have business vehicles, a personal auto policy will usually not suffice.  Personal auto policies do not typically provide the level of coverage needed by a business.  Additionally, a business auto policy provides protection for the business entity as well as the business owner(s).   

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

Businesses with employees have a risk that goes beyond an employee being injured on the job. As a business owner you may need to defend a claim from an employee who accuses you of discrimination, harassment, or wrongful termination. While there may be a strong case for taking action against an employee, EPLI pays for the cost to defend such claims and also payout on your behalf if that is the outcome.

Commercial Umbrella

There are many businesses or property owners that have a need for higher coverage limits are available under a typical liability policy.  The umbrella policy provides limits over and above the underlying policy.  Most umbrellas are sold in increments of $1 million.  The premium for this coverage is relatively low for the amount of coverage provided.





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