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Who Are We

In 2002, the Agency opened as Jon Gardner Insurance and Financial Services, a Farmers Insurance Agency. We were extremely successful and built a profitable business over 11 years. However, as we grew, it became clearer that we could not best serve our clients’ needs by offering only one insurance company’s products. In 2013, we made the difficult decision to sell the agency back to Farmers and forge a new path as an independent broker. This meant we could work with multiple insurance companies to meet our clients’ needs. Today, we work with many of the largest well-known national companies and smaller regional carriers to provide several options for our clients.

With this change and the large selection of insurance companies available to us, we quickly realized that we did not have to just sell insurance policies. This opened an entirely new opportunity to be different and add value as a “Trusted Advisor” rather than be the “Traditional Insurance Salesperson”. Keep reading more to learn how we add value.

What Makes Us Trusted Advisors (a.k.a Our Mission)

It is easy to find an agent/broker to sell you insurance … there are thousands to choose from. Most are good at giving you a quote for your current coverage and then issuing a new policy. After that, you may never hear from them again. We take a different approach.

We Evaluate, Educate, and Explain to help our clients understand their coverage … Before they have a loss.

  • We Evaluate our clients’ current policies and their coverage needs to determine whether the two are aligned.
  • We Educate our clients about coverage gaps and opportunities for savings. We help them understand how to invest their premium dollars to maximize their coverage. We will help them decide when it makes sense to file a claim and help them through that process.
  • We Explain everything in “easy to understand terms” so our clients can make informed choices about their coverage and have the protection they want and need if they have a loss.

This approach allows our clients to be better educated and make informed choices about their coverage.

What We Believe (a.k.a Our Core Values)

Do what is in the Client’s best interest

  • Educate the Client
  • Evaluate the Client’s needs and coverages
  • Explain concepts so the Client understands
  • Select the carrier that best meets the Client’s needs, even if that means staying with their current carrier
  • Work with Clients that value what we have to offer

Conduct all work with the highest integrity

  • Keep Clients informed about their policies
  • Own up to errors and adjust as needed
  • Only work with Clients who are willing to provide valid information
  • Be truthful with our carrier partners

Provide a professional, cooperative, friendly, and safe work environment

  • Treat employees with respect and expect the same peer to peer
  • Encourage employees to take initiative and share ideas
  • Provide an atmosphere that promotes teamwork and camaraderie
  • Provide an environment where employees can learn from their mistakes without worry

Operating under these values ensures that we build long-term relationships with our clients and employees.

Why The Tree Logo

The tree in our logo is based on the Lone Cypress in Monterey, CA. This tree symbolizes our relationship with our clients.

  • Just as the tree stands out as a guidepost; we also help guide our clients;
  • Just as the tree watches over the ocean; we also watch over our clients to ensure they are safe;
  • Just as the tree provides shade and protection; we also provide cover and protect our clients;
  • Just as the tree is rooted solidly in a rock foundation; our base is also solid and deeply rooted in our beliefs;